Saturday, 5 May 2018


There is value in being alone.
Amidst habitation perhaps but not amongst known
Once in a while a chat with a stranger
Perhaps staring into nothing with nature

There is value in being quiet and talking
To oneself; perhaps in walking
To nowhere.
There is value in having nothing to do
No deadline to meet, No approval to seek
To sing & dance when no one is watching
To hone a craft when no one is gauging
To eat a meal and sip a drink
Relishing it, not in a blink
And ponder on the lingering taste
In having a lot of time to 'waste'

There is value in pondering over the aloneness
The ensuing warmth of belonging it rekindles
There is value in running away once in a while
Somewhere not very far away - Just close enough perhaps, not near.